About Us

We design, develop & implement “Automation, Analytics & AI” solutions in select industries . We have been involved with our global customers in creating innovative and revenue focused IT organizations in the areas of  Analytics, AI/ML/DL, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Digital Twins & Edge Analytics.   


  • Our main expertise involves working with unstructured operational data, machine data and cognitive data
  • The focus is on generating transformed “Data + Models + Rules” on a single integrated service platform – so that client’s business team can derive insights in near real time
  • We provide a platform approach with “Cloud-Mobile-AI” as design strategy 
  • Our design thinking led solution development approach is aligned with our core “customer engagement strategy” defined by –  Agility (in Delivery), Speed (in Operations) and Innovation (in Solutions)
  • Our Digital Consulting Strategy looks at the three broad factors that contribute to CxO Dashboards/Performance Metrics – Assets/Utilization, Workforce/Productivity and Customers/Revenue Growth
  • Our 5P Factory Model Development (an adapted agile scrum framework) acting as a DNA in the solution/product development cycle