Energy & Manufacturing

Seismic Data Management

  • Seismic Scanned Images to SEG-Y
  • EBCDIC Header Standardization (2D, 3D & VSP)  
  • Facies Prediction/ Classification
  • AI/ML models to identify feature classes - Salt , Seismic Inversion

Well Logs Digitization

  • Well Logs Digitization 
  • Well Logs Splicing and Merging  
  • Well Logs Correlation 
  • Lithology Prediction/Facies Classification 

Real-Time Drilling

  • Drilling Consoles for Well Integrity
  • Auto Identification of Drilling Process
  • Drilling Efficiencies for NPT
  • Stuck Pipe, Drill Bit Prediction 

Production KPIs with Predicted Models

  • Integrated view on production runs from various data sources to generate predicted models
  • Designed and deployed CxO KPIs Dashboard and embedded analytics (trends, outliers and prediction models)
  • Provided performance metrics on a balance score card as SaaS

Production Safety and HSE/FMEA Impact Analysis

  • Predict Production Stops (Machine Failures, NPT, HSE Exceptions)
  • Predict delays, NPT, OEE losses, etc. 
  • Predict HSE Impacts, Operational Integrity in the simulated planned runs
  • Recommend intervention, changes to the operational plans

Production Integrity Analytics with Failure Prediction

  • Predict Production Stops (Machine Failures, NPT, HSE Exceptions)
  • Predict Failures from a Machine’s component to a task level
  • Monitor Remotely on  Production Runs
  • Enable IoT operations for real-time visibility into key performance indicators in the production plant